User Experience Designer

The role

At Digital Pulp, we create beautiful, usable digital products. We are innovative, collaborative, and curious storytellers who delight in thoughtful details. We see what a brand is, and then imagine what more it can be.

This role will provide strategic leadership for projects from the very beginning. The User Experience Designer will help to outline discovery activities, planning our approach towards client research and stakeholder interviews. They will participate in all Discovery meetings, research online references, and facilitate brainstorming sessions.  With the results of Discovery in hand, the User Experience Designer will synthesize our findings, and then plan and document DP’s solution. 

When the goals are set, the User Experience Designer will craft an interface that embodies those fundamental ideas through clear organizational structure, articulate labels, and intuitive controls. During the production process, the User Experience Designer will be a key stakeholder for internal check-ins to review UX, Design, and technical solutions, to ensure they match our client’s priorities and goals.


Perform detailed website audits, developing clear documentation that shows the site's content and components 

Study site analytics to gain knowledge about historical audience behavior

Participate in the project Discovery phase, which includes interviewing stakeholders, reviewing competitors

Translate client business needs into strategic goals and functional requirements

Contribute to a Strategy Brief summarizing our client goals, audience needs, and project themes, along with strategic recommendations

Develop detailed site maps for expansive web platforms

Write language for navigation labels for intuitive user journeys that “tell a story” about the site’s content

Create wireframes for pages that present content and functionality with clarity and balance

Develop flow diagrams to demonstrate interactive functionality and provide a framework for animated interface elements

Present and defend concepts with concrete tactical rationale

Participate in scoping client projects with the interdisciplinary team.

Here’s what we love about you

  • Agency Experience - You’ve thrived in an agency environment, which gives you a sense of how to effectively interact with clients, to right-size solutions to fit in a fixed scope, and to simultaneously manage initiatives with multiple clients.
  • Big Ideator - Every project looks to you like an exciting puzzle, and you diligently work to solve it for the good of the user and of the client.
  • Content Maven - When our client has a wealth of content, you dive in and become a subject-matter expert, so the solutions you provide feel on point for their audience. 
  • Language Lover - You obsess about labels and language used in interfaces as crucial building blocks for a cohesive brand experience.
  • Excellent Communicator - Whether verbally or in writing, you powerfully communicate your ideas so they’re easy to understand and act upon. You know how to provide both clients and co-workers a lucid shared understanding of goals and tactics. 
  • Digital Native - You understand the interfaces and technology of today’senterprise-level, CMS-based sites and mobile apps, and nothing excites you more than continuing to explore new platforms and new types of digital media.
  • Relationship Builder - You are a personable conversationalist and a great listener, showing clients that you are genuinely interested in their needs and their success.
  • Opportunity Creator - You are always on the lookout for new ways that DP can help our clients by offering new deliverables and services; and as our client’s trusted partner, you know how to share these ideas as enticing opportunities to further their busi


Send a cover letter, resume and portfolio to [email protected] with the subject line "User Experience Designer: Your Name."


Salary Range: $70,000 - 90,000/year.