Gene Lewis

CEO + Chief Creative Officer
Gene Lewis, CEO + CCO
Gene Lewis, CEO + CCO

A Renaissance man of the digital world, Gene’s fascination with the early web has bloomed into a full-blown obsession with digital media. It’s a focus that is fundamentally driven by his love of technology and a passion for communication. Chasing that elusive “eureka!” moment in the online user experience has led him to the forefront of the field of information technology, where he is celebrated as a thought leader by his peers in the industry. Dedicated to learning his client’s professional language and adapting to their needs, he expertly balances concerns of design, technology and content to communicate with precision and to transform raw ideas into tangible success. Gene studied English at Vassar College. Before becoming one of the founding partners of Digital Pulp in 1996, he was an independent Network Architect and systems analyst.

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