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Alvarez & Marsal

Getting top-line business clients to the experts they need.

The Challenge

Global business consultants are naturally tough customers when buying communications strategy for themselves. The Alvarez & Marsal audience—an increasingly diverse range of executives seeking help with performance improvement—needed to spend less time sifting through information and find an efficient path to the adviser best suited to serve them. A&M needed a site with the insight and authority to signal that they are a hands-on global company on the leading edge.

The Solution

A&M users need a focused experience and a quick path to the right advisor, so we built an Expert Finder to eliminate the noise in the search process. We tailored the user experience with implicit personalization so the site continually offers content relating to both readers’ expressed interests and the specific content they view. As a result, the site functions as a recommendation engine—remembering the most recent selections and reorganizing the page based on browser behavior. Personable videos and practical articles demonstrate the thought leadership for which A&M is known. Mini-sites for a group of countries in their client base provide specific solutions for international needs. On the front end, the CMS is fully customizable for friendly management.

The Result

We delivered a site tailored to executives’ needs: a service-oriented interface that makes it easy to learn how A&M’s expertise can solve complex business problem and find the individual consultants who can help—an ATM for business expertise. An elegant mantle for the complex functionality, the design is bold and clear with a modern feel that exudes business confidence.

Awards and Acclaim

2017 The Communicator Awards - Award of Distinction
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