Cornell Research

Cornell Research

Brilliant science on display: The face of great research.

The Challenge

Cornell University’s Research Center is a mighty engine for science and technology, attracting world-class talent and applying it across industries, institutions, and organizations worldwide. But the Center had no dedicated home online: Its many endeavors lived as a sterile list on the site of the Senior Vice Provost for Research. The new site had tell the story of the Center’s community—an intensely collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment. We needed to create a clean, dynamic interface with a great search experience so wide-ranging audiences could find the content relevant to them. For Center administrators, it was also crucial that curated content—especially in multimedia formats like video—would be easy to update and deploy throughout the site.

The Solution

To visualize the Center’s essential principles—”extreme talent, radical collaboration, and results that matter”—we put equal focus on the detailed research and the tenacious researchers themselves. Using vibrant, full-width photography and illustrations within a responsive design, we created an experience that immediately immerses users in stories and results, then invites them to related content. The real-time search is powered by comprehensive tagging and labeling, and the Drupal 7 CMS allows its curators to integrate, filter, and distribute content efficiently around the site. To reflect the foundation of the Center in the office of the Senior Vice Provost for Research, we included secondary administrative information within the site—still easily searchable, but allowing the groundbreaking new work to dominate.

The Result

The result is a bright, lush, and visually fascinating demonstration of intelligence in action—a snapshot of a moment in time and a look into the work’s long-term impact. The site functions simultaneously as a continuous report on the results of research investment, a news publication spotlighting established and emerging talent within the Center, and a mesmerizing view of science up close.