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Innovative tactics to educate women about a technology that might just save their life.

The Challenge

When was the last time you asked a doctor to use a specific machine during one of your visits? Never, right? 


That’s been the marketing challenge faced by Hologic ever since it introduced a revolutionary technology, 3D tomography, in 2015 with a promise of improving women’s health by more accurately detecting breast cancer.


Hologic hired Digital Pulp to help turn an arcane scientific device into something patients asked for by name. But we faced a complex set of audiences with competing interests:


 + Patients, who had the most to gain by more accurate detection of breast cancer but who weren’t aware they had a better option than a 2D mammogram

 + Insurance companies, who wanted to avoid having the costs of covering a more expensive new procedure.

 + Hospital administrators, who understood the benefit of 3D tomography but were hesitant to invest in new equipment that insurance companies wouldn’t cover.


But what if the patients were the ones to apply the pressure for change? If women were aware of an easily accessible better alternative, wouldn’t they exercise their power of choice? 


This led to a consumer-facing digital campaign to generate awareness among women over 40 and to encourage them to ask their doctors and radiologists for the Hologic® Genius™ 3D exam by name. 

The Solution

We started with a campaign with a simple idea. Capture the patient’s attention by posing this question, “Would you drive 5 miles to get a better mammogram?” This was linked to an online poll that offered women information on the benefits of 3D mammography. More importantly, they were able to search for local facilities near them that offered the Genius 3D Exam. 


Plus, they were given the opportunity to submit their email addresses to get more information and mammogram reminders, initiating a lead nurturing campaign.


As awareness of the Genius 3D Exam began to grow, we turned our attention to the insurance companies. It wasn’t fair or even logical that people should need to pay an extra $50 for a procedure that might save thousands of dollars later, or even save their life! We created an out-of-home campaign that applied pressure on the insurance companies with the message “Save lives. Save money. Cover Genius 3D.” that ran outside select insurance company headquarters. And so the marketplace evolved and coverage expanded.


By the time we had generated a quarter of a million interested prospects,  we had some powerful data to play with, which we knew could help Hologic in their hospital C-suite discussions. So, we designed a data-driven iPad app for the Hologic salesforce to use in sales meetings with hospital decision-makers. The app mapped where there was verifiable consumer demand for the Genius 3D Exam (thanks to our consumer campaign) in every local market across the country. 


Now more than 5 years later, Hologic is the leader in the 3D mammography space, installed in over 80% of facilities that offer 3D mammography.


To keep the momentum going, our focus shifted to building  a deeper brand story aimed at both consumers and clinicians.. In 2021 we designed and launched a new MyGenius 3D website to fulfill 4 important objectives:


1. Reinforce Hologic’s dedication to improving women’s health in diverse groups across America and around the world.


2. Showcase Hologic’s extraordinary initiatives in the arenas of community impact, health equality and advocacy in the breast health space.


3. Offer practical guidance and education on why mammograms matter, where to find a Genius 3D Exam, why it's superior to 2D, and which patients will benefit most. 


4. Continue to add to the rich database of patients who want access to this technology by capturing qualified leads. 


Filled with health information and real-world stories, the site promotes Hologic’s impact, including a new partnership with the a national nonprofit promoting healthcare equity called Black Women’s Health Imperative. 

The Result

This site is part of a larger ecosystem of Digital Pulp Hologic web destinations for patients and for professionals that expand on a story of “a Continuum of Care,” from breast cancer detection and prevention all the way through to biopsy and treatment. For both consumers and clinicians, we have painted a picture of a company that truly cares about women’s health, leads the industry with research and innovation to help women around the world, and continues to deliver technology that tangibly improves patient experience and clinical results every day.

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